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Paving It Forward

My name is Angela S. and I am a retired Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). For 15 years I worked at Hospital for Sick children in Washington DC. I started at the hospital with $11 per hour way back than.

I unfortunately had to retired due to the fact that every year I was getting into weather related accidents and the work was getting too taxing on my body.

I somehow have managed to get by with the $1,250 income I receive from social security , but with each year that passes by, it is getting more and more difficult to make ends meet. With the cost of food, rent, medication, gas prices, etc. going up each and every year.

Most people look forward to retirement of rest and relaxation. You would think that at 65 and over, you wouldn't have to worry about money, but of course we all know that isn't true.

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