Too Donate

About Me, Myself and I

You might be wondering what this site is all about?  Well, hate to tell you, but this is a Personal Donation Blog hosted by Me Eve Harrington (not my real name by the way).

Too Donate was created way, way back on Tuesday July 31, 2018 following a health crisis that happened a couple of days before, but never mind that for now.  

This is one of many side hustles I have got going in order to earn extra money to pay some if not all by bills and mounting debts.   Yes, I have a job if you are wondering, I am a Customer Sale Representative and a Part-Time blogger, I sell my plasma, and a part-time babysitter.

The idea came to me when I heard another sad story on the news and a gofundme account was started.   I thought  'I could start my own donation blog too.'    Something that would be a long term plan.

I am originally from Silver Spring, Maryland and moved to Orlando, Florida about thirteen years ago for the warmer climate.  I am a thirty-something who happens to be single with no children.